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the gang being total cuties | season two


iasip meme: [3/5] characters:
↳ mac mcdonald.

"Goddamnit! I don’t know how to express myself unless through anger and personal attack!"


sleeping on trash // king of the rats

  1. won’t be pathetic forever - the wonder years
  2. fat lip - sum 41
  3. tv party - black flag
  4. no hope kids - wavves
  5. aliens exist - blink-182
  6. bouncing off the walls again - sugarcult
  7. it’s never sunny in south philadelphia - the wonder years
  8. sunny side - high pop
  9. bloodbath at burger king - teenage bottlerocket
  10. the party song - blink-182
  11. love your friends die laughing - man overboard


Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on movieline. com/2009/10/23/meet-the-woman-forced-out-of-its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia/

It’s stupid. She didn’t write the show. She didn’t create the show. The show was ROBS. None of it belonged to her. She was his girlfriend and worked on the original pilot with him (acted in a small, undeveloped role and provided an apartment)

and thats fine and all, but couples break up, and as neato as it is to say “all for one and one for all”, it’s absolutely bullshit to expect Rob to keep his ex girlfriend (who is a replaceable actress who contributed nothing to the show’s writing/conception) on a show that HE made. ESPECIALLY when the terms of the breakup were vague and it’s entirely possible that (like most breakups) it ended less than smoothly . Her lack of details regarding both that, and her value to to the show is pretty telling. It sounds like she’s trying to act like everyone was kosher and they remained cool after breaking up, shes just such a great girl, and Rob should have done everything possible to negotiate on her behalf and support her.

the alternative here is to keep working together on a low budget season one of a TV show with constant tension and frustration between two of the leads. It would have been charitable, but an absolute disaster. It was the network/Rob’s right to not keep her on board. That kind of cast drama is a liability (see chevy chase and dan harmon), and the show hasn’t even gone on air yet.

Like its a bummer for her, but it’s not like Rob/Glenn/Charlie did an unspeakably awful injustice to her. It’s basically a one sided tabloid account from an ex girlfriend who claims she “isn’t bitter”, and yet feel the need to publicly whine about her famous ex boyfriend who ended up more successful than her and try to string it into some “watch out for the boys club or they won’t include you in their cool projects after you break up with them” crap. 


iasip meme: [2/5] characters:
↳ dee reynolds.

"Oh, you sons of bitches. Oh, you goddamn sons of bitches! I will destroy everything you own!"


Happy birthday, Rob McElhenney! (14.04.1977)